How long to you keep my personal information on file?

We retain your Personal Information for as long as we need to fulfill our Services. In particular, we need to retain Personal Information in order to help our customer perform their duties in responding and representing fraudulent chargebacks. The Personal Information we hold can be tied to potential fraudulent activity on our customers’ platforms, as well as financial data. As such, we may need to retain that Personal Information for a long period of time, because that Personal Information can be requested or audited by our customers’ risk or finance departments, and for tax audit purposes. In addition:

  • We may keep data linked to cookies and other online identifiers up to three years.
  • If we are involved in litigation or a governmental or regulatory investigation, then we keep data throughout the period of litigation or investigation and for 5 years after that. If a settlement means that we have to keep data for longer, then we keep data for the period required to administer the settlement. If we provide data to law enforcement agencies, then we keep a record of this for one year beyond the end of the investigation.

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